The Breadcrumb Trail


There it was. You could see the corner of the folded yellowed parchment sticking out of the torn lining of the battered book. Emma reached for it, mindful of the multitude of strangers in the great library who might be watching. Anton’s agents were everywhere.

Slipping the paper into the breast pocket of her jacket, she desperately wanted to read it’s contents, but she knew every moment counted if she were to solve the riddle and save her father, Professor Wilhelm Richter.

Emma had always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and now she found herself tracing his movements as he had searched for the same clues she was now discovering. Since his disappearance, she’d had no choice.

She found an unoccupied alcove away from prying eyes and withdrew the fragile parchment. The writing was faded but legible.

One enters this great house blind but emerges seeing.”

Emma frowned. There should be more. She squinted and peered closer. In the dim light she thought she saw additional markings but it would require a magnifying glass.

A shout startled her. She stared at the doorway across the large room and saw that Anton’s men had found her at last.

Word Count: 199

[This is my entry into the Flash Fiction Challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by Roger Shipp. Write a story based on a photo prompt and introductory sentence in 200 words or less.

I must apologize for this little tease as it’s not really a short story. I started writing and found there was so much more happening than I could fit into 200 words. I think I may spend some more time with Emma and see where her little adventure may take me. If I do, I promise to share with all of you.]




12 thoughts on “The Breadcrumb Trail

    1. Thanks. It was just a free writing exercise and I had to stop myself from continuing or I would have blown so far past the word limit that I would have been unable to submit it. I feel there is so much more I want to say so sooner or later I’m sure I’ll revisit this story. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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