Run For The Border


The glow from the TV reflected off of Bob’s face giving it a ghostly appearance in the semi-dark room. His eyes were affixed to the screen as the anchor from the local news station  discussed the massive increase in illegal border crossings in the past year.

“Border patrol agents report that tonight’s raid was hugely successful and twenty-three people were arrested. The latest statistics show that the influx of immigrants and refugees from the south have risen every month for over a year now.”

Bob turned to his brother Doug, who sat next to him drinking a beer.

“Damn illegals,” he said. “They keep coming here trying to take our jobs. We need to send them all back, eh.”

“Yeah, it’s not our fault their country sucks so bad. Why do they need to come here and ruin things for us?” Doug said.

The anchor continued with her report.

“The travel ban proposed by top government officials has been controversial, but proponents say it is necessary in order to secure our borders.”

“We need to build a wall like they was talking about,” said Bob, reaching for the Molsen on the table next to his recliner.

“Boy, do we ever!” replied Doug. “You know most of them are rapists and criminals. When America sends their people here, they aren’t sending their best.”

Bob nodded and then changed the channel over to the Maple Leafs game that was just starting.

[Author’s Note: My apologies to my Canadian neighbors. This was satire and not meant to suggest that Canadians are as piggish as Americans. Everyone from the Great White North I’ve ever met has been the picture of class and kindness.]



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