It’s a Dam Shame


He was running out of time. Whoever called in the bomb threat said it would detonate at precisely 4 p.m. Cooper glanced at his watch: 3:49 p.m. If they didn’t find it in the next two minutes he’d have to call off the search and get his men out of the labyrinth that made up this hydro-electric dam. The cost of losing the dam would be tremendous but Cooper was not willing to lose a single life to save it.

Odd thing was, the clues the bomber left made it seem like he wanted to get caught. Each clue led them successively to a new clue which ultimately led them here. They were tricky and if not for Kaufman, they wouldn’t have gotten this far. He’d somehow managed to figure out each clue in the nick of time.

Kaufman. Had Cooper even seen him since they arrived? A thought came flying into his head. A thought he didn’t want to entertain. Cooper grabbed his radio.

“Biggs, are you with Kaufman?” he yelled into the radio. Before he got his answer he looked across the large room. Standing next to the massive generator was Kaufman holding a small device.

“No!” yelled Cooper.

Too late.


[My entry into the Super-short mega-story challenge hosted by Matthew J. Wright.]

Word Count: 201


One thought on “It’s a Dam Shame

  1. Great story! It’s possible to walk inside the real-world Clyde dam. It’s built to resist massive earthquakes – it’s right next to a fault line – and the structure is designed in two sections, separated by a concrete wedge wrapped in neoprene, specifically to let the dam move with seismic activity.

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