The Rendezvous

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The full moon cast a pale glow on the asphalt. He checked his watch again. 7:14. Andre was late. A knot formed in his belly. Andre was never late. With a final glance around, he turned and retreated to his car. The risk of being caught in the open was too great to give Andre any more time.

A cool breeze made him clench his coat tighter to his throat. If Andre was compromised he’d have to try for the border before dawn. It may already be too late. He grimaced. It wasn’t losing his life he feared most. The mission was more important. Failing to obtain the computer virus that would shut down the defense systems meant the rebellion attack was doomed. There would be no way to stop The Order from launching the nukes.

Keys in hand, he unlocked his car door. It wasn’t until it swung open that he saw Andre’s dead eyes staring at him from the drivers seat. Blood from the severed head stained the fabric. From behind he heard a voice.

“Oh, I”m afraid our systems will be quite operational when your rebellious friends arrive,” Sheila said.

A single shot from her pistol. Game over.

Word Count: 200

[This is my entry into the Flash Fiction Challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by Roger Shipp. Write a story based on a photo prompt and introductory sentence in 200 words or less.]



11 thoughts on “The Rendezvous

    1. Thanks Joy. I wasn’t terribly pleased with this story. I struggled with the photo prompt and went through dozens of scenarios and settled on this one as the one I hated the least…lol. At least I had fun playing around with it.

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  2. i like that you wrote one woman stopped an entire rebellion’s plan, or did I read that wrong, one shot, game over, I loved that so much. She reminds me of Kalinda from The Good Wife for some reason. Nice take , different approach but exciting one indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

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