A (Brief) Leave of Absence

To anyone who follows my blog regularly or even if you just happened by,  I wanted to let everyone know I’m alive and well but taking a break from my usual flash fiction postings. It’s summertime and I find that I’m much busier than I anticipated and though I love sitting in front of my laptop, typing and releasing all the monsters from the Id, (Can anyone guess what movie that’s from?) I’m discovering that real life is beckoning and there are only so many hours for me to use each day and my flash fiction is going to pay the price.

More importantly though, I’ve decided that, for now, I may have gone as far as I can with the short, short stories I’ve been writing and I want to spend what time I do allow myself to create to return to a number of longer, larger projects that have been collecting far too much dust. I have several short stories that I want to prepare for publication and a few screenplays that have been unfairly neglected and if I really want to realize my dream of writing professionally, it’s time I hitched up my pants, tackled the big, scary stories that actually require some hard work and start writing the things that need to be written.

I’ll probably be posting things here from time to time and I should be paying a bit more attention to Dumasaphobic Diatribes as well, so fear not, gentle readers, I’m not abandoning this ship. I just need to change my focus a bit and hopefully you’ll get a chance to read my work in places other than just my blog.

Thanks to all and cheers!




9 thoughts on “A (Brief) Leave of Absence

  1. I’m having the same issue, trying to find a good balance between writing flash fiction for my blog and writing longer short stories – not to mention my novel – for actual publication. Although who am I kidding? Lately I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t been doing any of those. So I wish you all the best in getting your priorities and time management in line, and look forward to seeing what you are able to post– and of course, to seeing what you get published!

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