Spring Cleaning

© Yinglan
© Yinglan

Dear Stephen,

I’m sure you’re wondering why you returned to an empty house. Allow me to explain. Since you no longer permit me to work, I decided to do a thorough house cleaning.

I never liked that big arm chair of yours that you placed in front of the patched hole in the wall where you bashed my head, so I tossed it.

Then came the sofa where I spent six weeks recovering from you pushing me down the stairs. It was heavy so I called my friend Peter (You remember my friends, right honey? Those people I’m no longer allowed to see?)

Peter and I talked at length and I realized that it wasn’t the furniture that I needed to clear from my life. He helped my pack up what little I have been allowed to keep in our marriage and now I’m leaving all my clutter behind. It feels fantastic!



P.S. Hope you enjoyed that casserole I left for you. Oh, and we’re out of rat poison. Love you!

Word Count: 172

[This is my entry this week into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. A photo prompt is given and writers are encouraged to create a short story of 100 – 150 words, + or – 25 words.]


17 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Very cool, strong woman to make the break from such an abusive husband. I hope he’s so mad he misses the point of her “PS” and becomes very ill (though not die as I wouldn’t want her to go to prison!).

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  2. Haha, I like the end lines with the rat poison and the casserole. Yep, she needed to get out if there and fast. Good thing she had friends to help her see this and help her pack. I too hope her husband is eating while he reads this letter, as you commented earlier on this post. Great write!

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