Role Reversal

“Oh… my God, you guys. You’ll never believe what just happened,” said Brittany as she rushed her two besties by their lockers.

“What?” the other two girls asked in union.

“Like… some total dweep actually… ugh, I can’t believe I’m saying this. It’s like… SO embarassing. He came up to me at my locker and asked me out!”

Brandi asked, “Who was it?”

“I don’t even know his name. Jeff or John or like… I don’t know. I’ve seen him in the halls. A total loser.”

“What did he say?” asked Madison, crinkling her nose in sympathetic disgust.

“Ok so… like I said, I was just standing by my locker, minding my own business and this guy just walks up and says ‘Hey’. Can you believe it?”

“Eww!” echoed the teen brigade.

“So I just looked at him and was like… ‘What?’ and he goes, ‘So would you like to see a movie with me on Friday’ and I was like ‘Uh, no.'”

“Oh… my God,” replied Brandi.

“Gross,” replied Madison.

“Oh, and that’s not even the worst part,” said Brittany holding up her hands. “He had this huge zit on his forhead!”

“Eww!” her companions echoed a second time, in practiced union.

“I know, right? So I was like, ‘Uh, take off loser'” Brittany said, mimicking the wave of her hand she apparently displayed.

The three girls proceeded down the hall, buzzing about their leaders traumatic experience

*  *  *

“So Brad, how did it go?” asked Kenneth. “Did she say yes?”

“Yeah man, you’ve been working up the nerve to ask her out for how long? Since like the second grade? Tell me she agreed.” said Roger.

“She uh… said she had plans,” Brad muttered to his friends as they headed towards the boys bathroom.

“So what about Saturday night? Did you ask about that?” asked Kenneth.

“Yeah man, you can’t take a simple no for an answer. Girls love a guy that’s persistent.” said Roger.

“Oh really, Roger? And how do you know that? How many girls have YOU asked out?” asked Brad, turning to face his friend.

“Hey, that’s not the point,” said Roger holding up his hand defensively.

Brad punched the swinging bathroom door with his fist and stormed in. He walked to the sink and set his books down.

“So, she said she was busy and you just walked away?” asked Kenneth cautiously.

Brad took off his glasses and rinsed them in the sink. He proceeded to dry them with a paper towel and hooked them back over his ears. Staring at his face in the mirror, he groaned.

“Oh man! Look at that? I’ve got a monster zit on my forehead. God, no wonder she looked at me like I had some kind of disease!”

Kenneth and Roger exchanged glances but remained silent.

“I’m such a loser,” said Brad looking down as he gripped to counter.

His two friends consoled him and patted him on the back as they left for their next class.

*  *  *

 Brittany walked into the nightclub with some trepidation. The music was loud and she was unaccustomed to this kind of raucous environment. She hadn’t been in a place like this since college and those days of being a party girl were long gone. An unexpected pregnancy, an abusive ex-husband and several years of living on food stamps had changed everything. Her parents had been killed in a car crash shortly after they’d filed for bankruptcy and she’d had only an inheritence of debt. When she finally landed a job at a call center for $12 per hour, she’d been grateful.

When her co-workers asked her to join them at the club, she’d initially refused. The extra fifty pounds she’d put on in the past few years and her dumpy, thrift store wardrobe embarassed her, but their persistence won out.

After several drinks she allowed her friend Amanda to convince her to approach the hot guy at the bar. She hadn’t even considered dating since Andrew. Her body was healed but the emotional scars were still raw.

She slid up next to the tall, handsome fellow and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned, drink in his hand and caught her gaze.

Brittany returned to the table where her companions waited anxiously.

“Well, what happened? Did you talk to him?” asked Amanda.

“He.. said he was busy,” said Brittany, staring intently at the floor.

“Too bad,” said Amanda. “He’s a total hottie.”

*  *  *

Brad turned to his co-worker Stephen from the firm where Brad was a successful lawyer.

“Can you believe that?” he asked, gesturing with his drink towards the woman in the out of style dress as she walked away from him.

“What?” asked Stephen.

“Here I am in a club full of gorgeous women, and that skank comes up and tries to flirt with me. Honestly, am I losing my touch?” asked Brad.

“Dude, it’s nothing. Just some pathetic bird looking for a scrap. Trust me,” said Stephen hanging his arm around his companion’s shoulder. “You are da MAN! Have you ever gone home alone from this place?”

Brad smiled and took a sip of his Manhattan. He looked towards the table where the woman sat and wondered who she was. He then turned back to the dance floor to decide who his next conquest would be.



2 thoughts on “Role Reversal

  1. This is hilarious and relatable Chris. The girls were really good. It was like ‘Mean Girls’ all over again. You are very correct in your message in this story, people who are ‘hot stuff’ in high school, do not often, end up being ‘hot stuff’ when it comes to being an adult. On one level, I think Brittany got what she deserved for treating Brad that way in highschool. On another level, I think Brad should have treated her better based on his experience of rejection earlier in his life. Britanny was a stupid high school girl when she refused Brad meanly. But Brad is an adult, you would think with the experience of life behind him. So I think what he did is worse. My thoughts. Well set-up story and truthful.

    Liked by 2 people

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