Surf, Sand and The Lion King


Harvey watched Anna splashing gleefully in the surf, discovering the salt water and sand in a way only toddlers can. He leaned back and slowly allowed the tension of the long trip to Sarasota melt off of him.

Turning to his wife, he wondered if the beach was affecting her as well. Kim Robertson lie stretched out on the powdery sand, eyes hidden behind large, owl-like sunglasses.

Their marriage had suffered a number of painful bruises in the two and a half years since Anna was born. Harvey had hoped a trip to the Sunshine State would help mend the growing rift. The unsigned divorce papers still sat on the kitchen table.

Harvey was torn between wanting to take this moment to talk and giving her space. He chose the latter.

Kim broke the silence, “Please stop singing ‘The Circle of Life’. Don’t we hear that enough already?”

Harvey hadn’t even realized he was vocalizing that catchy tune.

“Sure,” he grinned. “Would you prefer ‘Hakuna Matata’?”

Kim laughed and playfully swatted him. She lifted her sunglasses and regarded him in a way he hadn’t seen in years. He smiled. Their own story might still have a happy ending after all.

Word Count: 200

[This is my entry into the Flash Fiction Challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by Roger Shipp. Write a story based on a photo prompt and introductory sentence in 200 words or less.]




12 thoughts on “Surf, Sand and The Lion King

  1. I like your take on the ‘circle of life’ theme. I’m glad there is hope for their marriage, and not divorce papers. Seems to me their daughter will be much happier to have both her parents stay together too πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I initially thought of going with the more obvious interpretation and considered a story about death, but I really don’t like those. Then the Lion King popped into my head and I drew on my own experience as a parent with a toddler (My son Alex watched that movie several times a day, every day! Ugh). So yeah, there we go.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha. I loved the Lion King too when it came out. Maybe, I was 10. Alex had good taste! I like that u went where u did with the story. I didn’t like the ‘sentence’ I chose not to use it πŸ˜›


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