The Blood of Kings

© The Storyteller's Abode
© The Storyteller’s Abode

Kevlan ascended the stone stairway. Reaching the top, he spied the slumped shoulders of his elder brother, Rayan, who gazed out from the tower upon the lands of the kingdom.

“Still mourning father?” Kevlan asked.

“Yes… and no,” came the reply.

“What troubles you then?”

“The coronation is tomorrow. Since I was a child, I knew one day I would be king. But that was always a far off dream. It’s not even resting upon my head, but already the crown weighs heavily upon me.”

“You’ll be a fine king, ” assured Kevlan.

Turning to regard his younger sibling, Rayan asked “Will I?”

“You will with your loyal brother by your side,” smiled the man who had always been second in line.

Kevlan embraced his kin. The dagger slid between Rayan’s ribs easily. As he tossed his brother’s body out the window to the rocky shore below, Kevlan replied “You’d have been a good king. But I’ll be a great one.”

As Kevlan descended the stairs, he could already hear the crowd hailing his name.

Word Count: 177

[This is my entry this week into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. A photo prompt is given and writers are encouraged to create a short story of 100 – 150 words, + or – 25 words.]


28 thoughts on “The Blood of Kings

    1. Thanks PJ. I have to give credit to Louise for sending in such a great photo prompt this week. It took all of about two seconds for this story to come to me. I should ask her where she took it.


      1. Wow, that is wonderful! I love it when stories come to me like that! I loved your story!! I had to hold back this photo prompt longer than I wanted to because Rochelle used steps in one of her photo prompts and I didn’t want them to be used so close together.

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    1. Excellent questions Jon. Like so many other flash stories I’ve written, I want to go back and fill in the gaps. If I do that with this story, your questions will certainly be on my mind. I like to think that sooner or later, justice always prevails.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Just knew Kevlan was going to off his brother. I learned in history, Kings back then weren’t very close to their siblings. Often, they were raised in separate castles, and taught to be weary of their siblings who thirsted for power. Even though your brothers seemed close, power is Kevlan’s choice over his brother. Well told.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. It makes growing up royal seem a bit less appetizing when taking into account the power struggles and underhanded dealings. At least if you’re poor, no one is trying to murder you for your position. 😉

      Liked by 3 people

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