Men Are Pigs

© Ellespeth's Friend
© Ellespeth’s Friend

Dolores glanced at the clock on the wall near her cubicle. 11:56 AM. Nearly lunchtime. Again.

Dolores resolved herself to another boring brown bag lunch at her desk. She’d been doing this for nearly ten years.

Charlotte, the new girl popped her head over the wall of their adjoining cubicles.

“Hey Dolores, wanna grab lunch with me today? I was going to that cafe down the street. They have a yummy soup and sandwich combo!” she grinned with her perfect teeth.

Dolores couldn’t stand Charlotte. She was everything Dolores wasn’t. Young, pretty and rather vapid. She’d only been with the company for three months and she was already a team lead. Dolores tried to avoid her whenever possible. Still, the thought of another PB&J on whole wheat was less appetizing than Charlotte’s company, so Dolores found herself agreeing to go.

On the walk down the street, the two women passed by a group of construction workers. To Dolores’s surprise, the men started howling and catcalling. She knew immediately that the rude behavior was for Charlotte. Dolores had walked the streets of Chicago all her life and never once heard anything like the ruckus these brutes were making.

“Ugh, I hate that,” complained Charlotte as they reached the cafe. “Men are such pigs.”

“Indeed they are,” smiled Dolores, resolving to have lunch with Charlotte every day from now on.

[This is my entry this week into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. A photo prompt is given and writers are encouraged to create a short story of 100 – 150 words, + or – 25 words. And yes, I went over again. I’m really getting sloppy, I guess.]



16 thoughts on “Men Are Pigs

    1. That’s an insightful perspective. I honestly hadn’t considered that, but you could be right. There is clearly animosity between Dolores and Charlotte (although I suspect not so much the other way around. Charlotte is probably unaware of how Dolores feels.) Excellent input Joy.

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  1. A story with a lot of thought provoking dailog. I think Charlotte is quite used to the catcalls. She may have wanted to make Dolores comfortable about not being noticed. After all, Dolores had never been noticed before. Had she mentioned that to Charlotte? Mmmmm …..
    Good write
    Isadora 😎

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    1. Thanks Isadora. I appreciate the comment. This story seems to be generating a lot of speculation about behaviors and motives. I confess, these two ladies may have agenda’s of which I’m not yet aware. I only bridge the gap between us and them. Maybe I’ll bring them back for another look someday.

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  2. I like this. Charlotte maybe ‘vapid’ but she is getting Dolores out of her “brown bag” comfort zone. I think they could become unlikely friends. And even though I feel cat calling and the way some construction workers act is disgusting, it is nice to be noticed at times . Especially, for Dolores who can enjoy Charlotte’s attention, as if it were for her. I feel bad because it doesn’t seem Dolores gets the right attention but maybe, Charlotte can help her get that too.

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  3. I love that they became friends in the end, even though it took some bad catcalling to get them there. I also think you touched upon the overlooked stereotype of the “smart, brown-bag girl” vs the “young, pretty, vapid girl”. Alot of times, one girl thinks she’s better than the other, but at the end of day, it’s about accepting each other, as cliche as that sounds haha.

    Love how your story is sparking all kinds of discussions!

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