I Left My Heart in Paris

Copyright TJ Paris
Copyright TJ Paris

Dylan paused on the stony walk that led up from the parking lot of Mont St. Michel and glanced at his watch. It read 2:17 PM. He was late. Chantel asked to meet him at 2:00. Waves rolled water along the walk and Dylan knew that if they stayed too long, the famous tides would strand them on the small island for hours.

On the train ride from Paris to the famous monument, he’d pondered her call from that morning. She’d sounded upset. He assumed it was the stress of the terrorist cell case she’d been working on. As a member of Interpol, stress was a part of her life and she normally handled it with grace, but something in her voice startled him. Her request for him to go to the place where they first met was also mysterious and she wouldn’t explain. Her only response to his inquiries was “Please, just do this for me!”

The text he’d received from her on the train had given him further instructions.

Go to the top of the Abbey. Look to the east.”

The steep climb to the top, weaving through the crowds was challenging, but when he finally arrived, slightly out of breath he looked around. She wasn’t there. He found a small alcove off of the cloister and sent a return text.

I’m here. Where are you?”

Long minutes passed before his phone beeped and lit up. Before he could look at it a brilliant flash lit up the sky to the east. After his eyes adjusted he thought he could make out a small mushroom-shaped cloud in the direction of Paris. He gaped at the horrific site. It was only when his phone beeped again, reminding him of his text that he glanced at it. He dropped the phone after reading the message.

Au Revoir, mon cher. Je t’aime.”

[This is my entry this week into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.]



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