Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

[Author’s note: If you’re looking for a tale of true love and romance, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re seeking a story of suspense, horror and gore, make yourself at home. If neither of these are what you seek, you may want to give this one a pass. It just might not be to your liking. And remember, death is just natures way of telling you that you love too much. Cheers!]

Candlelight flickered and reflected in Walter’s eyes. The beautiful table was set for a romantic dinner. Rayna beamed at him from her chair, her lips bright red and her cheeks glowing crimson in the soft light.

“Isn’t this nice, just the two of us?” she smiled.

“It makes me think of the day we met,” she continued. “You remember that, of course.”

Rayna drifted back to that chilly autumn day in the park when she’d seen him jogging by the lake. His handsome face and muscular chest caught her attention and she had been unable to turn her gaze away from him. He might have passed her by without even glancing at her if she hadn’t stood suddenly and “accidently” lost her balance, stumbling in front of him. His quick reflexes had prevented a nasty fall and in gratitude she’d treated him to dinner. Many more followed.

“I think I knew I loved you from the first moment I saw you,” she said sweetly, gazing at her beau across from her.

Rayna had spent the better part of this February 14th preparing for their night together. She’d cooked chicken in wine sauce with glazed carrots. It was the dish that she’d prepared the first time she had cooked for him and Rayna was a true romantic. The evening had to be perfect.

Rayna had purchased a new dress for the occasion and had spent over an hour meticulously applying her make up. She’d worn her hair up in a fancy twist. Every detail mattered.

Walter had arrived promptly at 6:00 PM with carnations, her favorite. They’d shared a glass of wine before dinner, making small talk about Walter’s job as an insurance adjuster and her most recent painting she’d just completed from her art class. He was always so interested in the things she did.

When his phone rang, he’d been reluctant to answer it, but conceded when he saw that it was from his boss. After a short chat about boring insurance policy details, Walter had set his phone down and excused himself to use the bathroom.

Rayna had been taking their empty wine glasses to the kitchen when his text message alert chimed. She knew she probably shouldn’t snoop, but since she and her love had no secrets from each other, she didn’t see that it mattered if she took a peek.

The message was from his co-worker Alicia, whom Rayna had met once. She’d arrived at Walter’s apartment unannounced one evening and Alicia had been there. Walter explained they were working on a claim together, which of course seemed perfectly reasonable. Rayna had attributed Alicia’s half-buttoned blouse as poor fashion sense and a promiscuous nature. What did it matter that her boyfriend worked with sluts? Walter only had eyes for her.

The message on the phone suggested that her assessment of Alicia may have been wrong.

Wish you were still here. Miss you already. Hope you have fun with that psycho girlfriend.”

The text was accompanied by a picture of Alicia naked, lying suggestively in a bed, her hair tousled, lips pouty.

The phone had slipped from Rayna’s hand as a black fog overtook her mind. When she regained her senses, she was pouring a glass of champagne. Walter was seated across the table from her.

“Do you remember the first time you told me you loved me?” she asked of him, setting down the bottle of champagne.

Walter said nothing.

Rayna looked down at her plate sitting before her on the table. The large, muscular organ sat in a pool of coagulating blood. Smiling, she recalled how Walter had screamed loudly as she plunged the knife into his chest. Only a man in love could beg for his life with such passion. The soft gurgling sounds that had bubbled from his mouth as she carved open his ribcage soothed her. His blood had spurted and splattered her face when she severed his Aorta. She’d shivered in pleasure at it’s warmth.

“We’d just finished making love and moonlight was streaming in through the window,” she cooed. “You told me I’d always have your heart.”

Walter’s lifeless eyes stared at her, blood still dripping from his open chest.

Rayna raised her glass.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”





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