Big Game Hunter


“So there I was, crouched down in two inches of mud, rain coming down in buckets…”

Barney Strickland loved a captive audience. His brother-in-law Todd and Barney’s three nephews sat cornered in the den, begrudgingly bearing witness to the heroic story. Brian, the oldest of the nephews, stifled a yawn.

“I knew my nemesis was out there, watching. I’d been trailing him for three days through some of the roughest terrain mankind has ever seen.”

Barney was crouched down, hands miming the way he held his rifle. His eyes were wide with excitement. Todd glanced at the clock.

“I’d cornered this massive buck in a small ravine, where the most amazing waterfall cascaded down into a small pool and a rainbow stretched from one side to the other,” described Barney, his voice low and ominous.

“But…” started Paul, the middle nephew. “…I thought you said it was raining. How could there be a rainbow…”

“It had stopped raining, ok?” interrupted Barney.

“This massive beast stood proudly next to the pool, trapped on three sides by the tall cliffs. He glared at me as if to say ‘You lookin’ at me?’ His only escape was through me and I had him in my crosshairs. I tightened my grip on the trigger…”

Martha turned to her sister and Barney’s wife, Betty.

“So how did you really end up with that monstrosity on your wall?” she asked, slightly amused.

“Local thrift store. On sale for $29.99. Poor guy practically begged me to let him buy it.” Betty replied.

Both women left the doorway and returned to the kitchen to finish their tea.

This is my entry into the Flash Fiction Challenge for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner by Roger Shipp. Write a story based on a photo prompt and introductory sentence in 200 words or less. I went over this week but I had too much fun sharing Barney’s story to cut it back. Don’t blame me. Barney is a real talker.]



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