The Calling

The Calling

The marbled sky began to crack allowing hints of sunshine through. The pale light illuminated an otherwise dreary afternoon. Two robed figures trudged along the narrow cobblestone street that led out of the Abbey.

“And how goes the flogging?” asked brother Andrew, breaking the silence.

“Oh, quite well,” replied brother Thomas. “My back is still a bit scabby, but I’m certainly keeping the demons out.”

“Good, good,” Brother Andrew nodded politely.

Small talk among monks was always a bit dull. At least the Order of Penance was allowed to speak within the walls of the monastery grounds. The poor bastards in Bath took vows of silence which made for very boring Saturday nights.

The two men reached the gate and paused for a moment.

“So this is it, then,” sighed Brother Andrew, staring hard at his young protegé. “You haven’t changed your mind?”

“No, brother, I haven’t. God called to me once to serve him in this capacity and now I feel a new calling. I have no choice but to obey.”

“Very well then,” Brother Andrew said resolutely. “I’m sure the nuns of Amesbury will be pleased to receive you. I must say though, their attire is much less… roomy in the nether regions and there may be some chaffing at first.”

“The Mother Superior has promised that I may wear loose clothing until I’m healed from my surgery. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” smiled Brother Thomas.

Brother Andrew clasped his friend on the shoulder.

“Peace be with you, Brother Thomas.”

“If it’s all the same to you, I’d prefer you call me by my new name now.” the younger man replied.

A slight grimace crossed the face of Brother Andrew, but he shook it off and forced s smile.

“Of course. Best of luck Sister Loretta.”

As Brother Andrew walked back to the cloister, he muttered to himself.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

[Author’s Note:I wrote this for a short story contest but never entered it. I realize some may find the subject matter a bit controversial but that’s never stopped me from posting before. If you liked the story, let me know. If you didn’t like it, let me know.]




9 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. perpetualwrites

    What a twist! I absolutely love this piece. To introduce such a concept in that particular situation is very interesting. I almost wish I could read more about sister Loretta’s transition . Thanks for the share!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you. I know there are certain folks out there that will undoubtedly read this story and take offense, but I was pretty sure there would be others that had the same wicked sense of humor as me. Thanks for being the latter. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha. I enjoyed this very much. It was a surprise at the end. Sometimes when we think about issues such as gender reidentification we think of it as only a modern concept. But I’m very sure throughout history there have been people who felt they were the wrong gender. I think he is lucky the monastery is so accepting of this, in the setting you chose.

    Liked by 1 person

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