Voir C’est Croire

PHOTO PROMPT – © ceayr
PHOTO PROMPT – © ceayr

I’m telling you Pierre, the Chateau de Sable is haunted,” exclaimed Genvieve adamantly.

“You and your ghost stories,” sneered Pierre.

Genvieve grinned, “Fine,”. “If you can spend the entire night in there, I’ll go on that stupid skiing trip you keep pestering me about. But if you fail, you buy me all the crepes I can eat for a month!”

Pierre slipped over the gate at 10 PM. At dawn, Genvieve returned to find Pierre rocking in the fetal position near a tree outside the gate.

“Pierre!” she cried. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you ready for your crepes?” he asked in wide-eyed fear.

Word Count: 101

[This is my entry into this weeks Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Use the photo prompt to create a short story in 100 words or less.]



18 thoughts on “Voir C’est Croire

  1. Well, that was a night he won’t forget. Of course, it could be Genvieve knows the ghost and bribed it somehow. It would be hard to bribe a ghost in must cases though I guess unless she threatened to call Ghostbusters. Creepy story and well done, Voice. That place looks haunted to me too. I wouldn’t stay there at night O_o — Suzanne

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