The Harrowing Tales of Aardvark Man

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2016
Copyright © Matthew Wright 2016

“Holy Crosswords Aardvark Man, The Puzzler just left us an angry clue saying he’s going to rob the First Gothamopolis bank!”

“Yes he did, Chickadee, yes he did,” replied the man in the greyish-brown cowl with a long cape attached in back.

“How are we going to stop him?” cried the ever-excited young man in the black and white lycra costume.

“One only needs to know… where… to look… for a twisted mind like his,” answered Aardvark Man in his well known stilted vernacular.

The Boy wondered what that meant, but had learned how futile it was to ask for clarification. Aardvark Man often spoke in riddles.

“To the Aardvark mobile!” shouted the cloaked crusader.

Fifteen minutes later the sleek 1937 Hudson Terraplane hurtled helter skelter through the streets of Gothamopolis in hot pursuit of the nefarious Puzzler. The heroes were gaining on their quarry when the engine of the sturdy automobile began coughing and sputtering. Aardvark Man gripped the wheel in frustration as the vehicle coasted to a stop. The gas gauge was buried on “E”.

Watching his enemy roar off in the distance, the frustrated superhero sighed.

“I bet this crap never happens to Batman!”

Word Count: 199

[This is my entry into the short story challenge hosted by Matthew Wright. Write a story of 150-200 words inspired by the photo prompt. Hope you enjoy all the puns.]





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