Madame Zelda’s Discount Destiny Emporium

Photo prompt © Etol Bagam
Photo prompt © Etol Bagam

“Close your eyes and concentrate,” Madame Zelda commanded in her deep voice with just the right hint of a Slavic accent.

Jeremy nervously closed his eyes, palms still sweating. When the online matchups flopped and the blind dates failed, he reluctantly allowed his sister Kim to pressure him into this embarrassing meeting with a psychic.

“I see you walking down a narrow sidewalk… I see… pink. Yes, a pink umbrella. The woman of your dreams is carrying it. You must go to her.”

Twenty minutes later and fifty dollars poorer, Jeremy trudged along the path in the park. Madame Zelda had revealed this was where destiny awaited him. With each step he felt more foolish and was about to leave when he spied it. A pink umbrella.

She stood near the fence, gazing away from him, but turned as he approached. Jeremy swallowed nervously.

“I know this sounds crazy, but I think I was meant to meet you here,” he said apprehensively.

The attractive young woman gaped at him, awestruck.

“My god, Madame Zelda was right. It’s you!” she gasped.

“Wait,” Jeremy replied cautiously. “Did you say Madame Zelda?”

“Yes,” the woman blushed.

“She’s… well, a psychic. I didn’t really believe her but she told me if I came here today and brought a pink umbrella, I’d meet the man of my dreams.”

Jeremy chuckled to himself.

Psychic my ass,” he realized, momentarily considering a return to the shyster for a refund.

Then, grinning he asked, “So can the man of your dreams buy you a cup of coffee?”

Word Count: 259

[This is my entry into this weeks flash fiction challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Write a short story of 150 words or less (+ or – 25 words) inspired by the photo prompt provided. I went over on the word count this week. My apologies. I hope the story was worth it.]




21 thoughts on “Madame Zelda’s Discount Destiny Emporium

    1. Thank you. I can usually prune a story back enough to meet the word count limit, but when I finished the rough draft on this one I was close to 350 words and I knew I’d never get it down and almost abandoned it, but decided to at least try. I guess my loyalty always goes to the story first. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked it!

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