Nagging Rights

SPF 12 - 6- 2015

“So Gerald, notice anything different about me?” asked Felicia, prancing around the paddock.

“There’s a patch of mud on your rump,” Gerald grunted, returning to his grass.

Felicia glanced furtively at her backside and quickly spun to remove the patch from Gerald’s sight. She then shook her head suggestively.

No silly. Don’t you notice anything else different?”

Gerald sighed.

“Yes, I see that weird pink thing dangling from your mane. What is it?”

Felicia squealed excitedly, “It’s my new mane extension! Don’t you just love it?”

“Honestly, you look like a foal, wearing that ridiculous thing.”

“Really? Oh that’s wonderful!” she exclaimed. “All the foals are wearing these!”

“Felicia, you’re 22,” sighed Gerald. “You’re an old mare. Give it up, will you?”

Felicia’s face dropped.

“Well… well you’re an old gelding!” she pouted. “Maybe if you still had your…” she stopped. That was going too far.

Gerald snorted and returned to his grass. Another mare approached the two.

“Felicia, is that a weave in your mane?” asked Jody. “I love it! Makes you look ten years younger!”

Felicia squealed again and the two pranced off to the other side of the paddock.

“Nags,” complained Gerald loudly to no one in particular.

Word Count: 200

[This is my first entry into the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge, hosted by Alastair Forbes. Write a short story of 200 words or less from the photo prompt provided.]


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