Making a Difference

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After we die, all that remains are the consequences of our actions ~ Nicholas Orton, The Lost Empire

“Why do you bother with those kids?” Suzanne asked Andrew.

“I feel like I make a difference,” replied Andrew. “Especially with this kid Jason. He really struggled but now he’s my best student.”

“Jason, you’re always going to that hospital visiting sick kids. Why don’t you live a little? You’re a professional football player. You have money and fame. Why bother?” Jenna asked.

“I feel like a make a difference,” replied Jason. “Especially with this girl Barbara. I think she may beat her cancer.”

“Why do you write your blog, Barbara? Does anyone even read it?” inquired Billy.

“I feel like my words make a difference,” replied Barbara. “Maybe I’ll inspire someone to be a better person.”

And she did.

[This story is dedicated to Barbara Beacham who hosted Monday’s Finish the Story writing challenge. Barbara recently passed away and Priceless Joy asked for a special tribute to her for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

This story is entirely born of my imagination as I didn’t really know Barbara, but I enjoyed participating in her weekly challenges and my interactions with her were always pleasant. I believe the force that drives all writers – the belief that our words, in whatever small way, matter to others, lived within Barbara. Her contributions to blogging made a difference.

In the short time I’ve been blogging, I have learned how strong the writing community is and how supportive the family of writers can be in this mysterious electronic realm. Every loss is felt and Barbara will be missed.]








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