Night Caller

Night caller1

My phone rang. Without turning on the lamp on my nightstand I fumbled bleary-eyed for that flat, rectangle piece of electronic wizardry we now call “telephone”.

Squinting, I stared at the lighted screen. Unknown number.


“57 seconds,” croaked a strange, gravely voice.


“That’s how long you have to live,” rasped the voice again.

“Who the fuck is this?” I yelled, quickly coming awake.

“You’re dreaming but in 57 seconds you’ll wake up and then you’ll die,” the ominous voice told me.

“That’s bullshit! Who is this? What do you want?”

“I want to watch you die,” the voice replied.

“You sick fuck, don’t ever call me again!”

I tapped the red button on my phone, disconnecting the call. I knew I shouldn’t let some prank caller rattle me like that but something about that voice left me feeling cold.

“Great, now it’ll take me an hour to fall back…”

My phone rang.

I looked at the screen but it was dark. The sound wasn’t coming from the device in my hand. I could hear the same ring tone that I use on my phone, but I couldn’t locate the source. It seemed to be emanating from all around me. It was almost as if…

I woke up. Looking over at my phone on my nightstand I saw it was ringing. How freaky! I must have heard it while I was sleeping and dreamed I answered it. Thank God it was only a dream. That voice was creepy as Hell.

Wondering who was calling me in the middle of the night, I grabbed the phone and looked at the screen. Unknown number.

“Whoever this is, you’d better have a damn good reason for calling this late,” I said groggily.

“It’s been 57 seconds,” said the gravely voice. “Turn around.”

I screamed.


[This was my first attempt at writing something “creepy” (something that makes your skin crawl vs just a “scary” story. After letting it sit for about a week, I am hesitant to post it because I don’t think it’s very good. Still, I can’t expect to knock it out of the park on my first try. I’ll keep working on this specific genre.]


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