Fairy Tales Are For Chumps


Prince Charming was exhausted. He’d been searching all day for the mystery woman with whom he’d danced at the ball last night. From the moment their eyes met, he’d been captivated. They had spent the evening gliding across the floor, talking and laughing. It was true love.

But as the clock struck midnight, she’d fled the room, leaving only her shoe as evidence of her existence. He’d been so enamored he’d forgotten to even ask her name.

In fairy tales, true love always found a way. Dropping the shoe into the gutter he realized this was no fairy tale.


Word Count: 99

[This is my entry into this weeks Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Use the photo prompt to create a short story in 100 words or less.]


12 thoughts on “Fairy Tales Are For Chumps

  1. gahlearner

    Don’t give up yet, that’s what I thought, too. 🙂 C–It worked well for me, I think it’s a great story, Cinderella in modern times, but not. I wonder why she fled…


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