Jessica stood leaning against the fence that kept the horses in the paddock. The sun was setting on another long day at her farm. She turned to her brother who stood beside her.

“So why did you come back after all these years?” she asked him. He paused, collecting his thoughts.

“I guess I realized I’d have to finally face my past,” he replied, staring out into the field.

“Dad’s been dead for nearly two years,” she said. “What kept you away so long?”

“It wasn’t him I was afraid to see,” replied her brother. He turned his head finally. “It was you.”

“Why me?” she asked puzzled.

“I left here when you needed me most,” he said, his voice cracking with emotion. “That’s a hard thing to forgive.”

Jessica looked at her brother, seeing the pain in his eyes. She smiled warmly.

“There’s nothing to forgive,” she said as she embraced him. Afterwards they stood together silently and watched the sun set. No more words were needed.


[This is my entry this week into the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. A photo prompt is given and writers are encouraged to create a short story of 100 – 150 words, + or – 25 words.]

Word Count: 168


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