I Haven’t a Clue

-Β© Raina Ng
-Β© Raina Ng

The crowd was gathered round. The items were lined up on the kitchen table for inspection. The elderly man in the plum colored suit surveyed the attendees. Each one was adorned in colorful attire — The military man in his dark mustard uniform, the radiant socialite in scarlet, the dapper business man in his green suit, the matron in her peacock blue and the maid dressed in white.

“You know why I’ve called you here, I presume?” queried the elderly man.

“You’ve figured out who the murderer is, haven’t you, Professor?”

“Indeed I have,” he proclaimed. “It’s none other than…”


[My entry into the Friday Fictioneers challenge by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.]

Word Count: 100



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