Four Leaf Clover


The warm sunshine beamed down on the little girl in the pretty dress. She knelt on the ground at the edge of a small hill in her backyard. Her hands deftly moved through the long grasses as she plucked bits of green up with her fingers. She examined her find and then discarded it with a simple “Nope” coming from her mouth. She kept repeating this process.

“Caitlin, time for lunch!” her mother called to her from the doorway of her house. The little girl looked down and her eye spotted the object of her search.

“Coming mommy!” she yelled back over her shoulder.

As she came running into the kitchen, her mother told her to wash her hands and she disappeared down the hall. Caitlin did not notice the tear streaming down her mother’s cheek. Her mother hung up the phone. She’d just received a call from Caitlin’s doctor’s office. The nurse had informed her that Caitlin’s test results were in. The cancer was in remission.

Caitlin burst back into the kitchen with the exuberance of a child who was all of six years old. She held up the green stem with quadruple petals.

“Look mommy,” she said smiling. “I found a four-leafed clover. Daddy says they bring good luck. Do you think this one is lucky?”

Her mother looked down at her daughter with the kind of love only a mother can understand.

“Yes, sweetheart. I think it’s very lucky indeed.”

Together they sat and ate lunch as sunshine spilled through the windows on a warm spring day. It was, perhaps, the most beautiful day Caitlin’s mother had ever seen.


5 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clover

  1. mandibelle16

    Heart wrenching story. I don’t know what happened with the little girl, whether she got through the cancer again or it never went away. But there are days in your life ( in the Mom’s and the little girls) that you always remember because they seemed perfect, and you always look back on those days wishing they’d return. Great piece. Thanks for reblogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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